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Bootsplash Progress Bar Patch


13 Aug 2003
Version 0.5.2 supports baselayout version

Have fun !

25 Jul 2003
Version 0.5.1 has support for baselayout version now. Additionaly the font issue on boot, the error message about /dev/fb0 and bugs in conjunction with systems having /usr on an extra partition should be fixed.

Note: I haven't had much time to test this version, because I wanted to release before I'll go on holiday the next 2 weeks. Hope, it works all the same ;)

05 Jun 2003
Version 0.5 has support for different splash images on different ttys now. The kernel parameter has changed from 'splash_theme' to 'theme' and some minor bugs should have been fixed.

02 Jun 2003
Version 0.4.2 is out. I downgraded my baselayout version to for testing the new features I added to 1.8.6.* and finally applied them to baselayout version Some bugs and support for baselayout versions, and have been removed, too. Ahh, and truetype fonts are working now ;)

31 May 2003
Version 0.4.1 is out. I've added support for baselayout version and made some changes for baselayout versions and above.

24 May 2003
Ok, version 0.4 should work now for baselayout versions up to

22 May 2003
I recieved a bug report about strange behaviour of the progress bar in conjunction with baselayout version and above. Stupidly I developed with baselayout version and overlooked the major changes made as from version

I'm currently at fixing that issue, please be patient.

19 May 2003
I've got version 0.3 ready today.
Animations should be fully supported now. Additionaly patching and compiling 'splash.c' isn't necessary anymore. The progress bar has been improved a lot since the last version, as well.
See the ChangeLog for details.

13 May 2003
This site has been uploaded.

12 May 2003
Version 0.2 is out. The package has basic support for animations during startup/shutdown now and the install script got some improvements. See the ChangeLog for details.

05 May 2003
The first release of the bootsplash patch is out.

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